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Wente Vineyards 2008 Morning Fog Chardonnay, San Francisco Bay, USA

She and Him are a West Coast duo that are seriously fun, just like the Wente Vineyards 2008 Morning Fog Chardonnay.  The wine comes from a fog covered vineyard near San Francisco, more or less half way between the Los Angeles and Washington State homes of the two She and Him collaborators, Zooey Deschanel and Matt Ward.  If you haven't heard there recent single “In the Sun,” image what Feist would sound like if she was from California. The wine is a very approachable, it starts with green Read more [...]

Les Hauts de Bellevue Red And White, Bordeaux, France

Stéphanie Dolet is everything you would expect from a French wine merchant. She heads up the Export department at France's largest organic wine producer, Vignobles Raymond. Her boss Lionel Raymond converted his 321 acre estate to Organic and is now out to show the world what the organic effect is on Bordeaux wines and has put that task in the hands of a coquette-ish and effervescent sales professional. Effortlessly sophisticated and approachably elegant describe the wine and its ambassador.   Starting Read more [...]

Toscana IGT Quattro Chiacchiere 2004, Tuscany, Italy

Tuscan Whites are traditionally made from the Vernaccia di San Gimignano grape. The two wines I will be music matching today represent the traditional and a “Super”Tuscan made from the ubiquitous Chardonnay grape. Azienda Agricola Colognole has planted Chardonnay grapes in their fertile Tuscan vineyards – eschewing traditional techniques and concocting a mature, and sensual wine that could be best paired with some Barry White, candlelight evenings and a bear-skin rug lying in front of a smouldering Read more [...]

Tasting Notes: Unfamiliar Italy.

If only somebody would write a geography text book based on wine making, we would all have a better understanding of the world we live in and we would learn to enjoy wonderful wines made with a greater variety of grapes, winemakers and winemaking techniques. During my last blog I made mention of a couple tools that we all use in our daily lives but wine enthusiasts could make better use of when educating themselves about their wines. Google and Wikipedia. Use maps and varietel descriptions to familiarize Read more [...]

Piemonte: Tasting Notes.

Italian. Wine. Intoxicating. Sexy. All of these words can easily be synonymous – but hardly imitable. Italian winemakers, men for the most part, tend to craft their wines into their ideal mistresses as Gepetto had made Pinocchio into his ideal son. Hence the floral aromas and and the full throttle flavours that often leave you moaning in delight. This is a country that does not make wines that you will make you want to pop Joan Baez into the CD player. Make room on your playlist for classical music Read more [...]
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