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Chateau de Brau Cuvée Exquise Cabardés 2007, Languedoc, France

2007 was a hot and dry year across Europe, and France was not spared. Winemakers there were rewarded with some hard earned fruit-forward wines that were a feast consumers who revere French blends with a little bit of jam. Organic growers like Chateau de Brau had to be especially resourceful in producing enough wine with limited, yet concentrated, yields. The Cuvée Exquise is a great example of what a blended wines can be. A product of Merlot, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah which are all Read more [...]

La Rouviole AOC Minervois Red, Languedoc, France

Situated in the Languedoc region France is the Minervois. The Languedoc has never had the shine or great “Ooh la la” value that some of the pin-up poster regions like Bordeaux enjoy. So if you are like me, you look to the Languedoc for great value wines – all substance and no flash. The Minervois AOC designation gives local growers virutally no limitations as a great number of varieties can end up in any Minervois AOC red wine. This can be a turn off for consumers who shop on varietal. Anything Read more [...]

Les Hauts de Bellevue Red And White, Bordeaux, France

Stéphanie Dolet is everything you would expect from a French wine merchant. She heads up the Export department at France's largest organic wine producer, Vignobles Raymond. Her boss Lionel Raymond converted his 321 acre estate to Organic and is now out to show the world what the organic effect is on Bordeaux wines and has put that task in the hands of a coquette-ish and effervescent sales professional. Effortlessly sophisticated and approachably elegant describe the wine and its ambassador.   Starting Read more [...]

Baron Philippe de Rothschild Mouton Cadet Bordeaux 2007, Bordeaux, France

Mouton Cadet has become a trusted brand to millions of wine drinkers and franco-files around the globe. The best known name in Bordeaux evokes timeless quality and an affordable piece of old world nobility. Made of the three noble grapes of the area Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot you can expect each and every bottle to taste uniformly accurate to the iconic Mouton Cadet formula. The taste is soil forward with muted fruit and a semi full body. Many French 2007s show concentrated fruit Read more [...]

Graffigna Centanario Malbec 2007, San Juan, Argentina

  Growing grapes in the San Juan region of Argentina cannot be that difficult, it offers the perfect mix of geology and 300+ days of sunshine per year. If you were to design a wine making laboratory, this would be a great model to follow. So what's the challenge to local wine makers, and why aren't San Juan wines uniformly acknowledge as being the best of the best? The first part of that answer is consumer preferences are never predictable – and secondly wine making is not a laboratory based Read more [...]

Clos La Coutale 2007, Cahors, France

This wine is a classic's classic. In fact, it reminds me of how a song was forgotten or that gained only marginal success way back when, that gets covered by a new artist and all of a sudden the original becomes a bigger hit than than the cover. Cahors is a region in the South West department of France. Clos La Coutale is an AOC Cahors. Always a hit Confit de Cuisse de Canard (Duck leg preserved in Duck Fat) serving French bistros, Cahors wines are powerful and tannic, smelling of blackcurrant and Read more [...]
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