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Mont Tauch Les Garrigues Grenache Noir 2009, Vin Du Pays (Languedoc), France

Grenache Noir is a real work horse grape in the wonderful Languedoc region of France.  The grape itself is a transplant from Spain, but the folks of of the Languedoc treat it as if it was their own.  The 2009 Mont Tauch Les Garrigues Grenache Noir is young and spunky, and has sophisticated, macho swagger to it.  Looking good in a tailored suit with this dashing wine boldly wears a necktie of ruby and violet that says look at me.  It has a herbally cologne that gives a little rugged edge to the Read more [...]

Chateau de Brau Cuvée Exquise Cabardés 2007, Languedoc, France

2007 was a hot and dry year across Europe, and France was not spared. Winemakers there were rewarded with some hard earned fruit-forward wines that were a feast consumers who revere French blends with a little bit of jam. Organic growers like Chateau de Brau had to be especially resourceful in producing enough wine with limited, yet concentrated, yields. The Cuvée Exquise is a great example of what a blended wines can be. A product of Merlot, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah which are all Read more [...]

La Rouviole AOC Minervois Red, Languedoc, France

Situated in the Languedoc region France is the Minervois. The Languedoc has never had the shine or great “Ooh la la” value that some of the pin-up poster regions like Bordeaux enjoy. So if you are like me, you look to the Languedoc for great value wines – all substance and no flash. The Minervois AOC designation gives local growers virutally no limitations as a great number of varieties can end up in any Minervois AOC red wine. This can be a turn off for consumers who shop on varietal. Anything Read more [...]
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