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Nicolas Catena Zapata 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina

  Bodega Catena Zapata from the Mendoza Region of Argentina is one of the earliest to market Argentinian wines in the premium price category on a world wide basis. They market Malbec, Chardonnays, Syrahs and blends. Like many other new world wine producers, they run up against a wall of low expectations from consumers. These low expectations are often undeserved given that wine is after all, just grape juice preserved via fermentation. That having been said, even wine neophytes understand the concept Read more [...]

Cecchi Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG Albaruta 2005, Umbria, Italy

Do you remember when David Letterman used to chant Uma mantra style, in honour of the beautiful and quirky, but equally cunning and cerebral Uma Thurman? Well the Umbria region of Italy offers a wine called Montefalco Sagrantino that is as sexy, peculiar and thought provoking as Ms. Thurman. Dave also had the same thing going on with Oprah. The silly joke seemed to rub the queen of daytime TV the wrong way. The lovely Uma didn't publicly let on that it bothered her, just like the Sagrantino grape Read more [...]

Bodegas Breton 2005 Lorinon Crianza, Rioja, Spain

Bodegas Breton's 2005 Lorinon Crianza is a red juicy Trempanillo blend from the Rioja region in Spain. Red wines in Spain labelled Crianza have been aged for at least two years and at least six of those months in oak barrels. Despite that ageing, this wine tastes much younger than it really is. The juice and the alcohol seem to be roommates more than a married couple. My tasting showed plums and cherries and some leather. Reminds me of Sheryl Crow – not nearly as young as she appears to be, with Read more [...]

Fontanafredda Nebbiolo Barolo DOCG 2005, Piedmont, Italy

Some winemakers are charming because of their quaint and small factors. I tend to gravitate more to those winemakers for just those reasons. I can, however, appreciate how large scale winemakers achieve their success – by producing a variety of great wines that appeal to a wide range of tastes and senses of value. Fontanfredda from the Piemonte region of Italy is an example of how a large winery goes about the business of making high volume wines in price brackets above some of their competitors Read more [...]
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