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Mas Igneus Barranc Del Closos White 2011, Catalonia, Spain

I find wines from off the beaten path intriguing. The Mas Igneus Berranc Del Closis White is a Priorat, which is not by itself off the beaten path – it is the fact that it is a white Priorat. According to the Priorat DOCG website, ( ) only six percent of grape production is for white wine grapes. My feeling is that in terms of export wines, the number is even lower than that six percent. Here in Quebec, our monopoly currently lists 48 Priorats, and only one Read more [...]

Kunde Family Estates Chardonnay, 2011, Sonoma Valley, USA

I first tried a previous vintage of the Kunde Family Estates Chardonnay from the Sonoma Valley about three or four years ago. A Quebec based agency was trying to bring into the province, I can't remember if they were aiming for Private Import or for placement on store shelves. I was really blown away by the taste and value back then, and upon tasting this bottle that I sourced while travelling in Arizona I was happy to say my memory was spot on. Why this wine hasn't made it onto the shelves of the Read more [...]

Château Ste Michelle Columbia Valley Riesling 2010, Washington State, USA

Everybody has an opinion and a set of preferences about various wine regions, and for me Washington State's lowest hanging varietal for offering consistent quality and value are the Columbia Valley Rieslings. That is not to say other wines, mono varietal and blends, can't offer great value – from my sampling they simply aren't doing so as consistently as the Rieslings. The Château Ste Michelle Columbia Valley Riesling 2010 offers good balance of sugar and acid. In terms of residual sugar, it sits Read more [...]

Philippe Varone Heida, Sion, Valais, Switzerland

Another Swiss grape comes to light here in Philippe Varone's Heida. This dry white seems to be right at home for enjoyment in the fall season. Not so much a fish and salad partner as much as it would line up comfortably a ham and cheese sandwich warmed up on a panini grill. Just make sure that's with Swiss Cheese.   Nose: this wine has an energetic burst starting with something you would expect from a white; flowers and citrus – but then it surprises you with hazelnut. Original + good. Read more [...]

Philippe Varone Petite Arvine, Sion, Valais, Switzerland

I am happy to present a second wine and music match for a Petite Arvine in my Swiss initiation. This one was a music match that came spontaneously, and the wine is very enjoyable. I hope you enjoy the music as well!   One theme I picked up from trying about a dozen Petite Arvine offerings is deep round flavour and wispy floral fruity notes. I usually describe the wine then present a musical match, but let me get you in the mood with the music an let you read on about this Philippe Varone Read more [...]

Charles Bonvin Petite Arvine Noble Cépage 2011, AOC Valais, Switzerland

Gold Record Alert! The 2011 Charles Bonvin Petite Arvine Noble Cépage is step two in my initiation to Swiss wine. With a name like Bonvin (Good wine) I submit that this wine outshines the humble nature of it's founder's name. If you are as uninitiated as I was about Swiss wine, you will be interested to know that the AOC region of Valais, from where this wine comes from is the mountainous region of which the Rhône river originates... then flows into neighbouring France where the famed Rhône Valley Read more [...]
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