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Felton Road Pinot Noir 2008, Central Otago, New Zealand

The 2008 Felton Road Pinot Noir is a wine priced at the premium level.  If you are valuing a wine on a positive characteristics/per dollar scale, your ego can convince your id that you are getting return for your investment. On the nose I got green beans with butter sautéed in a seasoned cast iron pan. The jam flavours a cornucopia of red berries gently cascading to a mineral pool. Along with the juicy drink, solid tannins parenthesized the ensemble. Geography, climate and wine making have Read more [...]

Nautilus Pinot Noir Marlborough 2007, New Zealand

The 2007 Pinot Noir from Nautilus wines is a fresh and juicy example of what New Zealand can produce. It smells like a Pinot should, with some muted herb thrown in. Not a tannic wine, the taste is a fresh and wet concoction of cherry and berry compote with herbes-de-provence accents. Tasted blind I might have guessed that it came from eastern Europe or North America's Pacific North West. New Zealand successfully branded Sauvignon Blanc as their own, and are now mulling over a pitched battle for Read more [...]

Kumeu River Chardonnay 2007 Auckland, New Zealand

Kumeu Rivers 2007 Chardonnay is wine that tricks you, the nose says one thing but the taste buds tell a different story. My glass wafted clean oak and a very interesting vegetable fragrance, roasted Brussels sprouts. I had never picked up that smell from a bottle of wine before, and as big fan of roasted veggies, I found it quite pleasant – and original. I was expecting an earthy, grassy taste to follow up the sniff. What came out of the glass, was an almost classic Burgundy white. Minerality, Read more [...]

Mud House South Island Pinot Gris 2009, New Zealand

New Zealand only produces Sauvignon Blanc, right? Not true, but your local wine salesman just might not be aware of anything else from the Kiwi Kingdom. In fact, Sauvignon Blanc does make up about 60% of NZ annual wine production – in terms of volume. So what do they make with the other 40%? Pinot Gris, for example, is crop that wine growers in New Zealand are proving to be adept at choosing the right areas to plant the vines and turning the resulting grapes into solid wine. Pinot Gris, or Pinot Read more [...]

Lindemans Bin 65 Chardonnay, Australia

Billboard magazine lists British singer songwriter David Gray on their Tastemaker album chart. This is a chart reserved for artists that don't get the big, big radio and TV hype, but make solid music regardless of the popular musical sub-genre the artist may find himself. Lindemans is a very successful wine maker from Australia. With a global reach, their wines, like Mr. Gray's music could be described as adult contemporary. Musically, Gray rarely holds things back. His sound is all about crisp clean, Read more [...]

Rosemount Estate Shiraz 2008, Australia

Remember Pete Sampras? Statiscally the best male tennis player of his time, powerful with a light touch, agile, efficient, proficient and consistently consistent? And yet, he never became a darling of the fans – not that he was snarly and snarky, he was just a tad bit boring. Rosemount Estate produces the Pete Sampras of Shiraz. A grand slam champion on multiple continents, this Australian manages to produce a great wine, without fanfare – and frankly it needs a little rounding out, much like Read more [...]
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