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Mendoza Midrange Values: Trapiche Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve & Luigi Bosca Gala 2

Luigi Bosca Gala 2, Mendoza Argentina 2009   Trapiche Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, Mendoza, Argentina 2011   Virtually every wine region on the globe produces a range of qualities and styles of wine, but as wine consumers, we often tend to collectively label certain regions in narrow terms. Where I live, in the Province of Quebec our liquor monopoly (SAQ) stocks rows of entry level wines Mendoza, Argentina that all taste pretty much the same. And some of those wines certainly Read more [...]

Dominio del Plata Susana Balbo Crios (Bonarda/Syrah) 2011, Mendoza, Argentina

I sometimes think that I should subtitle my wine blog, the place where the Bonarda grape gets promoted. I really do have to say I love it when it is done right, tannic like Cab Franc, body Cabernet Sauvignon. It even masks the wood vanillas and caramels nicely as it has a bitter side to it.   So I have salivated at the sight of a 50/50 Bonarda/Syrah blend from Mendoza called Crios by wine maker Susana Balbo at Dominio del Plata. My fingers were crossed, hoping for a ying and yang effect Read more [...]

Famillia Zuccardi fuZion Chenin Blanc | Torrontes 2010, Mendoza, Argentina. 375ml.

Fuzion has become a very strong brand in Canada based on a Syrah/Malbec blend.  The 2010 Famillia Zuccardi Fuzion Chenin Blanc Torrontes blend has a number of positive things to offer.   The nose is quite busy, too busy for my liking, but I will not be too hard on it considering this is a value wine. Citrus, floral, latex, pistachio, almond elbow eachother fighting for space in your nostrils.   The gulp would stump pretty much anybody.  Chenin Blanc is used to neutralize the Read more [...]

Trivento Amado Sur Malbec/Bonarda/Syrah Blend 2009, Mendoza Argentina

The 2009 Trivento Amado Sur Malbec/Bonarda/Syrah is power trio.  The blend may be dominated by Malbec in terms of content percentage, but the other smaller print varietals do contribute.   The Amado Sur red blend is intense.  Red berries and black fruits come out fighting and swinging at your nose.  Wood is kept low, and that is fine by me – why would you want to mask that intense fruit?   The red/black combo continues in the mouth, and some vanilla notes appear as well.  Read more [...]

Trapiche Broquel Cabernet Franc 2009, Mendoza, Argentina

The Trapiche Broaquel Cabernet Franc carries lots of gusto, and manages to keep itself quite smooth.  A difficult balancing act to say the least. Cabernet Franc is known to have great tannic strength, and this example is no exception.   Smelling of red fruit, spice and some green stem the 2009 Broquel Cabernet Franc stays  try to form of typical Cab Francs.  Into the gulp the taste packed a little bit more wood/smoke than did the nose.  Along with the fruit spice and coffee joined Read more [...]

Las Arcas de Tolombón Siete Vacas Malbec 2010, Valles Calchaquíes, Argentina

The 2010 Siete Vacas Malbec by Las Arcas de  Tolombón is a very clean, hip and fun wine.  I know I shouldn't judge the label, but it has great label feature seven cows (siete vacas) and some UFOs.  The serious stuff is kept for the inside of the bottle...   On the nose a violet note is sandwiched between fruit that is delicate, not limp and smoke that is only there in polite amounts.   Into the mouth and you hget the impression this is a very well made wine.  Tasted in Read more [...]
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