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Château Ste Michelle Columbia Valley Riesling 2010, Washington State, USA

Everybody has an opinion and a set of preferences about various wine regions, and for me Washington State's lowest hanging varietal for offering consistent quality and value are the Columbia Valley Rieslings. That is not to say other wines, mono varietal and blends, can't offer great value – from my sampling they simply aren't doing so as consistently as the Rieslings. The Château Ste Michelle Columbia Valley Riesling 2010 offers good balance of sugar and acid. In terms of residual sugar, it sits Read more [...]

2011 Charles Smith Wines Kung Fu Girl Riesling Washington State

Washington State makes a wide range of Styles of Riesling. Degrees of residual sugar seem to be the factor that most easily defines that range of style. The 2011Charles Smith Wines Kung Fu Girl Riesling falls a bit towards the sweet side of the middle. Oddly enough: The Asian Imagery on the label made this wine a natural fit for my Chinese New Year meal. But of course wine drinkers are never swayed by a label...   Nose: Lime and apple in equal and strong proportion.   Gulp:Two Read more [...]

Hedges Family Estates CMS Red Assemblage, 2009, Washington State, USA

The Hedges Family Estates Red Assemblage CMS form 2009 was a wonderful surprise to me. I went to a Taste Washington event looking to dive into their Riesling offerings, and tried this one on a whim. This wine hits high marks on mouthfeel, complex herbally flavour and tasteful doff of the beret to French winemaking.   In fact the French have a great word for the texture of wine like this, “Onctueux.” No English word expresses this idea of smooth and velvety, devoid of chewiness. From Read more [...]

Washington State Riesling Survey, 14 Hands, 7 Hills & Waterbrook.

  I tasted thirty plus Washington State Rieslings back in November, here are some #wineandmusic matches for three samples. Residual Sugar counts varied greatly in all the wines, personally I gravitated to the dryer end of the range.   2009 14 Hands Riesling   Pushing the residual sugar count to the medium point this wine was a bit of lollipop. Fruity acid and obvious sweetness. A real fun wine, but you have to be open for the sweetness.   Musical Match: Cindy Read more [...]

The Washington State Wine Identity Quandary

Ahh the freedom and liberty of being an emerging wine region from the New World, no rigid regional rules about what your wine must be like to garner local accreditation. You can make your wine in your chosen style and still use your local state or region name on your label. Freedom yes, but a sizable branding challenge nonetheless.   Last fall I attended a very well organized Washington State wine show in Montreal called “Savourez Washington Montreal.” The seminar that preceded the Read more [...]
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