Mas Igneus Barranc Del Closos White 2011, Catalonia, Spain

I find wines from off the beaten path intriguing. The Mas Igneus Berranc Del Closis White is a Priorat, which is not by itself off the beaten path – it is the fact that it is a white Priorat. According to the Priorat DOCG website, ( ) only six percent of grape production is for white wine grapes. My feeling is that in terms of export wines, the number is even lower than that six percent. Here in Quebec, our monopoly currently lists 48 Priorats, and only one is a white. A few years ago some folks trumpeted red Priorats as the “Next big thing”, I don’t the white Priorats will be given that title any time soon, but I do suggest any good wine geek put these on their radar as “Next piece in the infinite wine puzzle.”


The White Mas Igneus Barranc Del Closos is born of the Catalan people, fiercely pride and strong on one hand, floral and artsy on the other. This wine accurately reflects those human traits. Mostly Grenache Blanc (65%)and Maccabeu (20%) I starts off with pretty fruit but builds some structure as you move along.


On the Nose: Clean melon notes with some herbal notes just barely showing.


Into the Gulp: A real pleasurable fresh wave of melons and clementines. Tiny peppery kick reminiscent of Riesling. The mouth feel is much rounder than a Riesling though. Not much residual sugar, I wouldn’t argue if somebody called it off-dry, even though I would say it is borderline between dry and and off-dry. What a great wine this would be served with a wide range of appetizers, it makes me absolutely salivate for some Iberian ham or even Japanese fish lacquered with a ginger and sesame sauce.


Musical Match: I try not to talk about things I don’t know much about and make it sound like I do. I am not an expert on the famous dancer Rudolf Nureyev, he would be a good metaphor for this wine. Rare are the dancers that make it into the larger social conscience and more so are those that could jump like him. The Mas Igneus Barranc Del Closos White is does all the pretty things, but really jumps out with a signature strong performance. I really enjoyed this wine and hope to find some more white Priorats to compare and contrast. Enjoy Nureyev dancing to Swan Lake.


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