Pisano RPF Tannat 2007, Progreso, Uruguay

So your cellar is stocked with wines from Uruguay right? Chances are if you do have a Uruguayan bottle it is from Pisano. A quick and unscientific survey shows they are about the largest producer brand available outside the borders of Uruguay. I actually had two bottles of their wine this weekend along with 2007 Pisano RPF Tannat I also drank a bottle of the RFP Merlot/Tannat.

The thoroughbred Tannat bottle came sealed with cork, whereas the blend used a foam cork alternative. As much as I found the Merlot blend to be the easier drinker of the two, the wine geek in me was more into the single varietal bottle because that is most emblematic of Uruguayan wine.

On the Nose: overall surprisingly muted. Black cherry and wood revealed themselves to determined sniffing.

The Gulp: It took a good half hour for this bottle to really open up with sharp black cherry, oak and some rosemary. And you cannot disregard Tannins when discussing Tannat. If you drank more than two or three glasses of the ’07 Pisano RPF Tannat in a short time you may feel are getting a touch heavier. A month or two short of celebrating it’s sixth birthday from harvest, I have every reason to believe this wine could benefit from another four years of quality cellaring.

Musical Match: Gustav Holst’s Saturn movement from his seminal Planets Suite. Not the catchiest of movements, the Saturn movement is the Bringer of Old Age, and I think this wine is ready to be ushered into it’s golden years. Like the muted nose, this movement starts off in stealth mode. Also this movement isn’t dominated by accompaniment which I think is inline with the 2007 Pisano RPF Tannat.

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