Château de Vaurenard Beaujolais Supérieur 2007, 2006, Beaujolais, France

Ghislain de Longevialle is a passionate man when it comes to making cellar worthy wines. His Château de Vaurenard Beaujolais Supérieur wines may come from more the humble AOC Beaujolais, and not a coveted Cru, but they are built to age for up to twenty years. The use of Supérieur on a non Cru wine is a rare approach, but the qualifications for the designation are important parts in giving his wine that longevity. He ages his wine in huge wooden casks for as long as several years to “incubate” them for their long bottle lives ahead. I tasted vintages going back to the nineties and was blown away at how these wines had developed like no other Beaujolais I have ever tasted. Here are a couple of vintages you might be able to get your hands on…

Château de Vaurenard Beaujolais Supérieur 2007

Nose: Low wood, small spice, berries: red and black

Gulp: Still some freshness, red and black berries, spice and good limber tannins

Musical Match: Steel Wheels was a remarkable comeback record from a string remarkable comeback albums by the Rolling Stones. Mixed Emotions was as much about repairing Mick and Keith’s rocky relationship. For me it is significant as this wine helped me shed some preconceptions about ageing Beaujolais wines and was also the first 2007 I tasted on my autumn 2012 Beaujolais trip which brought me back home a big fan of the 2007 vintage… The song itself is youthful, fun and very groovy – a great description of the ideal Bojo.

Château de Vaurenard Beaujolais Supérieur 2006

Nose: Dryer and more intense the red berries than the 2007 and the wood smelled like a cigar box that hasn’t been used in a while but still holds a scent of its gloried past.

Gulp: Equal acid/freshness factor as the 2007, spices, cigar, floral notes, tannins – all in all very good.

Musical Match: Bigger but certainly less harmonious than the 2007, the 2006 Château de Vaurenard Beaujolais Supérieur grabbed all my senses and surprised me how much it rocked. This song showed the Stones could keep reinventing themselves. Expect the unexpected – just like the 2006 Château de Vaurenard Beaujolais Supérieur.


Special thanks to Inter Beaujolais for providing all transportation, hotels, meals and access to the wonderful wine and winemakers of the Beaujolais wine region of France during a four day tour. The wine discussed in this blog entry was tasted during that promotional tour.

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