Jean-Michel Dupré Régnié 2011, Beaujolais, France

Of the 10 recognized Cru of Beaujolais, Régnié is the youngest. The locals call it the Prince, as referring to it’s newness, and also it’s potential to be King. A certain British royal named Charles can tell you that waiting to become the King requires an incredible amount of patience and thick skin. Thick skin applies well in the case Régnié as a few naysayers question it really deserves a place at the big boy table. The 2011 Jean-Michel Dupré Régnié makes a good case for a seat at the head table.


Dupré has grown his grapes for this wine on sandy land in Régnié, whereas, most wines from the Beaujolais Cru have much more clay in the earth. Typical of Régnie, Dupré’s wine is a subtle wine, with qualities found in the refined, elegant details. On the nose, strawberry and raspberry with gentle floral notes. The Gulp is gracious and refined – but not week. I think the Prince metaphor is becoming more suitable. Raspberry and and strawberry are the focal point that show more poise than power. I jotted down an interesting note for this wine, that it was just fresh. The acid was just enough to register and freshen the wine without become part of show. It doesn’t seem as though tannins received an invitation to attend this bottle of wine’s Royal debut.


Without fanfare this wine is interesting on a number of levels, and most appealing to me is the winemaker’s confidence to leave the elegance and honesty of the fruit stand alone.


Musical Match: Georges Bizet’s Farandole from L’arlesienne. This piece is a serious piece of music, but also stands as a classical piece ideal for engaging children and young listeners to classical music. I think that the beauty of this piece is that regardless of being in a quieter moment or going at full volume, the piece is very focused, and the complexity is about playing each part as contribution to the whole – as opposed to flying off in all directions at once. I think much of that same sensibility can be found in the princely Jean-Michel Dupré Régnié 2011.

Special thanks to Inter Beaujolais for providing all transportation, hotels, meals and access to the wonderful wine and winemakers of the Beaujolais wine region of France during a four day tour. The wine discussed in this blog entry was tasted during that promotional tour.

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