Casa-Dea 2008 Cabernet Franc, VQA, Prince Edward County, Canada

I am a fan of Prince Edward County, and perhaps in parallel, I am also a bit of a PEC dissident when it comes to “The County.” That sense of dissidence has been emboldened by my very positive experience with the 2008 Cabernet Franc from PEC winery Casa-Dea. So many people want to trumpet the County as a Burgundian clone, turn it into a Pinot Noir and Chardonnay territory because of it’s loamy soil. I do like their Pinots and Chards, but if I want a Burgundy red or white, I can usually get better value from ground zero. That is why I am so happy that folks like Casa-Dea are growing Cab Franc, and doing a great job with it. The dissident in me says look to the variety of the Loire, give me Cab-Franc and Cot blends, give me Chenin Blanc and grow it in those loamy soils and bring to market something original. ( Too many fricking accountants in the wine world if you ask me…)


So back to the wine: I have been playing a tasting game with wine recently and taking a gulp within seconds of the bottle opening. As an excercise, I want to see how coherent the elements are in the wine within seconds of hitting fresh air, and gauging the changes as the wine goes along.


Whoops I still haven’t gotten to the wine, sorry.


So from that first speed gulp, it was really gorgeous on the nose, and but really messy on the gulp.


Once I gave it a few minutes to air out, the gorgeous nose showed no signs of going away. Some red berries infused with a Moroccan blast of figs and dates – with a bite of booze. Into the gulp, this wine would work so well with a North African tajine cooked chicken. The red berries stayed there, but the fig and date flavour came up and washed away with some rosemary. Much less messy than my sprint gulp. Cab Franc is known to have strong tannins, I would say that the ’08 Casa-Dea kept those in check. My only knock on the wine is a slightly messy ending, it’s like watching a well directed and acted play only to see the cast had no idea of where to exit the stage after the curtain dropped behind them. It doesn’t make the play worse, it just suggests that not all the details were worked out.


Musical Match: Something great that had a slightly messy ending was Seinfeld the TV series… One of the highlights of the final Seinfeld was a video montage reviewing some behind the scenes moments from the show’s majestic run. They set the montage to Green Day’s “The Time if Your Life.”


I am hoping that Prince Edward County tries to make it’s own mark,and not create it’s own brand of wine just like Seinfeld did, and I think the 2008 Casa-Dea Cabernet Franc will convince a few others to join the dissident crew. Cheers.

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