Vinedos Santa Emiliana Signos Origen White, Valle Centrale, Chile

The Santa Emiliana Signos de Origen White is a blend of Organic Chardonnay, Marsanne, Viognier and Roussanne grapes that connected with my palate.


I tried this at a recent organic and biodynamic wine show here in Montreal. Vinedos Santa Emiliana was probably closest thing to big business in a room full of tiny producers. But the wine was not out of place at all, and could have passed as an artisan product.


On the nose, peachy nectarine mixed with melon with some honey notes. Not much oak, if any. Before tasting, I was afraid this blend would produce a gift basket of articificial scents, but it was modest and real.


I remember trying a similar Australian blend which felt more viscous and had much stronger flavour. This bottle was very French in style, with some of that Chilean green leafy effect to show that we weren’t drinking something from the land of croissants. A very pleasant off dry white with plenty to offer, and nothing wrong with it. It will hit the market in Quebec for about 22$, so I would venture to guess about 15$ in reasonably taxed jurisdictions.


You can count on virtually every wine region to offer a range of quality, form top to bottom. I do loathe the idea of generalizing an entire country or a region as one thing, but I do recognize Chile as a country that has made great strides in communicating the lack of pesticides and toxic products used in grape cultivation.


Musical Match: Skinny Love by Birdy. As far as sixteen year olds go, this gal has way more substance than Justin Bieber. Natural talent oozes from her fingers as she plays the piano beautifully, and her voice clear, fresh and purposeful. Maybe Adele’s success has opened some doors for this young British songstress, she certainly knows what to do with an open door. Both the Santa Emiliana Signos de Origen White and Birdy prove that corporate products can be real, natural and very appealing.


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