Ninquen Mountain Vineyard 2008, Colchagua, Chile

I heard about the Ninquen Mountain Vineyard because I subscribe to an email blast from Montreal wine agent David Laviolette who works for a company called the Societe Des Vins Fins, which loosely translated means the Fine Wine Company.  David knows his stuff and is a great salesman.  He knows hundreds of people on a first name basis, and he genuinely works to help people.  He sells lots of wine, but doesn’t bombard us with false promises over each and every one of the wines he brings in.  So when he suggested a Ninquen that was available in limited quantities I took his word on it.


This 2008 Colchagua Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon fits very well into the Fine Wine category.  His email blast actually advertised the ANTU product which comes from Ninquen and sells for about ¾ the price – but I was feeling rich so I went for the 26$ big daddy.


Ruby red as it poured into the glass this Ninquen blend seduced on the nose. Fruity and woody. Intense blackberry wafted up. It made me believe this wine might have an interesting dark side…


In the gulp it had elements of California boldness.  Wood was there, and it brought some vanilla and caramel to the party.  The fruit wasn’t complex, but intense enough to make me worry my crystal glass might not be able to beat the weight. Blackberry, some cherry and plum all lounged in my glass.  Despite that intense fruit, wine never felt too heavy.  Great Value.


Musical Match: Rush’s Limelight.  Rush is a three piece band, so they have to be creative to make their blend of instruments sound big, and they have mastered that art!  This wine, like I mentioned wasn’t complex – but it seemed big and intense.  And although I couldn’t play any of the musical parts of this song, it is probably on the less complex end of the spectrum for Rush. Despite the driving drum, guitar parts and the big crescendo, the song never feels too heavy, ditto for the wine.


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