Yalumba, The Y Series Shiraz Viognier 2009, Southern Australia, Australia

The Yalumba Y Series Shiraz Viognier form 2009 has an interesting marketing feature on it’s label, a removable tab that you can stick in your wallet and pull out the next time you are at the wine store to remind you to buy the same bottle, just in case you loved it so much.  Ingenious marketing ploy or a simple admission that this unusual marriage of Shiraz and Viognier just isn’t that memorable on its own merit?

Viognier which is used to make white wine is occasionally added to give the bold Shiraz grapes a floral rounding out.  With this bottle, and any commercially available blend of this type, the Viognier is dwarfed by the Shiraz, I am guessing it is certainly less than 5% of the wine, so don’t expect anything less than dark red wine.

I like the aromatics of the wine, it is like having an edible flower added to salad featuring a field berry vinaigrette.  Good start.  Unfortunately, the green of the salad carried through with the gulp,  My impression is that Yalumba Y series product didn’t show ripe enough fruit – the flavour spectrum wasn’t all green vegetable – but considering the prowess of Australian wine makers have in ripening their fruit, this Shiraz Viognier fell short.

Musical Match: I am a Van Morrison fan, but when he got together with Tom Jones his voice sounded like he wasn’t really into the song, Sometimes We Cry. To parallel the wine, Morrison’s (Shiraz) voice, seemed like it has lost some of that ripeness, which under the best of circumstances could have given Mr. Jones’ voice a great launching pad.  Compared to some Van Morrison classics the production seemed a little rushed and uninspired as well.  I might go back to my Van Morrison collection of trusted hits before I jot down the name of this CD and pick it up at the music store… same thing for the wine.

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