Sandhill Estate Winery 2007 Chardonnay, VQA Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

This blog will point out the subtle difference between be a wine blogger and published critic.  A newspaper or magazine critic would have published his/her review of the ’07 Sandhill Okanagan Chardonnay two years ago when it was on the shelves.  As a blogger, not bound to any rules I can publish my review even when the wine is as old as it probably should be allowed to get and not of much use as a buyer’s guide.  Sorry for all those offended.

I bought this dusty bottle in late summer 2010, where I rescued it from LCBO (Ontario Wine Store) shelf where the staff didn’t seem highly motivated to push Canadian wine, let alone wine from the “Left” coast. I had forgotten about it until I found it in an area of my cellar of wines for ageing.

I usually start with the colour, but I will leave that to the end for…. you will see.  To the nose has pistachio and apple with some fresh cut grass.  The gulp is really big for a white wine, and props for a really great mouthfeel – it moves around the mouth thickness, viscosity.  It reminds me of some late harvest wines in texture, not taste.

In the well known cold climate Chardonnay flavours you do get green apple, but underlying that are hearty cantaloupe melon, some citrus and even a very nice nuttiness in the background.  Speaking of nutty, I think that this wine is very interesting and complex, but left another short while it would have gone senile and perhaps batty very soon.  (I have no scientific reason to say that, just gut feeling) That having been said, it is at the the time of this tasting a complex, sharp flavourful wine that has not lost its balance, perhaps it is leaning towards acid if you want to split hairs.

Now for the colour.  It looked like urine.  But it tasted just fine – don’t worry.  I was quite worried before I tasted it thinking it might have gone terribly off.  Luckily I was wrong.

Musical Match: I have used Beethoven’s 9th symphony before, but this timeI am going to the finale.  Complex, beautiful, powerful and even a bit chaotic describe the last 8 minutes of this classic bit of clasical music. And it was the last of his great works before his life expired. Same as the wine.

And as a bonus matching just for the colour….  you might want to search Bobby Brown by Frank Zappa. The only song I can think of that covers urine!

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