Amaral Sauvignon Blanc 2010, Leyda, Chile

This wine has something for everybody, without being compromising and boring.  The 2010 Amaral Sauvignon Blanc pours a little pale, and smells of a wonderful fruit – and what I really liked in that fruit basket was a hint of Calvados, the French apple brandy wafting upwards and onwards.

Tart and crisp came the fruit tastes, melon, grapefruit and even some of the Thai food staple, lemongrass.  As you work the wine around some minerality shows through.  This is a great bottle to try if you have gone through all the (excellent) Kiwi Sauvignon Blancs at your local wine merchants, or if you feel like switching things up a bit. Definitely a fun little wine, and that minerality gives it a little bit of welcome, but well sanded edge. My observation is that this style seems like a the shape of things to come for Sauvignon Blancs as people start to look for re-worked expressions of the oft-girlified grape.  I had a bit of a wow moment tasting this wine, the Amaral wine makers have twisted a few norms just a wee bit to make a very good value, original Sauvignon Blanc. Good Stuff.

Musical Match: With her Go-Go’s rough edges sanded off, and her love handles stairmastered away, Belinda Carlisle had a big hit in the Eighties with a pretty ditty called “Heaven is Place on Earth”  As poppy as it was her voice gets a little raspy in spots, representing the minerality’s subtle yet effective impact on the wine.  The wine, like the song, is a fairly light affair with plenty of candy to hook into– but memorable and tastefully well done.

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