Bodega Ecologica Ruiz Villanueva 300 Dias Del Sol Tempranillo Vino De La Tierra De Castilla, La Mancha, Spain

Are you a fan of “Natural” wine, products of minimal manipulation that really taste like the grapes got squeezed into your mouth and picked up a few alcoholic points along the way? I am. And the organic Spanish 300 Dias Del Sol Tempranillo has exactly what I like. The wine pours brownish (not like the Chard in Bottle Shock!). And that brown theme continues on the nose with caramel candies, think Werther’s Originals toffee which are essentially hard gourmet versions Kraft caramel squares.

I had a real WOW! Experience drinking this wine. No barrel taste, no smoke, leather, pepper, gun powder. A very big Oh Yeah! to freshness, good viscosity, buttery rolling tannins in your mouth. This is all about the grape in it’s natural glory.

Musical Match: Another Spanish great proves he has real talent in this lo-fi amateur video taken of Placido Domingo tickling the ivory and singing a tune called Granada. The video will not allow you to hear the nuances of his voice, appreciate his full tonal control etc., but it will give a perfect view of the man, the singer, the entertainer who forges ahead on what sounds like a crappy piano regales in the clanking noises around him and dives into the character of this song on a whim. It gets to the essence of the man who trained to become the Operatic legend. 300 Dias Del Sol does the same thing with Tempranillo, you won’t taste what is done to the grape to turn it into the popular wine you will taste the grapes that make the popular wine. Very Good Stuff. And Cheap.

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