Alamos Catena Malbec 2009, Mendoza, Argentina

The Catena Family might be considered the Mondavi’s of Mendoza. Recognized leaders in terms of quality and excellence on the business side, both families have opened doors for many of their neighbours. The Alamos line of wines is an affordable range from the venerable house, and being a Mendoza product you know that Malbec will be the franchise player.

The colour of the wine is typically dark and the smell reminds one of cherry dipped cigarillos, with some raspberry thrown in, it is quite pleasant. With that on-ramp the road leading to the plum, cherry and wood taste was well paved, dry and smooth. Tannins were clearly present, but not over the top.

Catena wines have a style, and that is smooth and sophisticated. This 2009 Alamos Malbec is crafted much in style you would have expected from a classic Cabernet Sauvignon’s. Without debating style, you can count on this bottle to deliver a smooth, sophisticated hearty red.

The Perfect Musical Match: Paint It Black, for the black grape – but done in the classical style by soloist Eric Henderson on guitar. This is a smooth, sophisticated piece done with a Spanish flair with some dryness and wood. A classic can be served up in any style, and like any well written piece of music this song comes alive in a new stylistic setting.

Neither here nor there, watch the video and check out Henderson’s fingers, they do not look like the long and skinny digits we are used to see playing classical guitar.

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