Emiliana Natura Organic Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, Valle Centrale, Chile

I wish all wines could be from Organic grapes. If you only knew the chemicals used in some vineyards to produce juicy grapes, you might consider quitting wine. So here is another affordable priced organic red ($16 in Ontario) that I can recommend highly for your moments of ethical imbibing.

Coming out of my glass was a the scent of clay, wood, leather and ripe berry. Into the mouth the wine remained on point: field berry juiced by an earthy grip, a foundation of green vegetable and a nice smooth vanilla. Speaking of smooth, you might be tempted to talk about the tannins being smooth, but in this wine “loose” may be a better descriptor.

Musical Match: Something that has the sweetness of the berries, the down to earth clay, is natural and organic: Al Green’s Take Me To The River. Like this wine, you have the real deal here, no additives or preservatives needed. The “Loose” arrangement sounds deceptively tight and large, but not “Wall of Sound” artificially big. Gulp this wine and get carried away to the river, and be happy that you aren’t sending any petro-chemicals into the water table on the way to that river. Good Stuff.

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