Grange of Prince Edward Trumpour’s Mill Pinot Gris 2008, Prince Edward County, Canada

Have you ever seen “Melba” mentioned in a wine review? The 2008 Grange of Prince Edward Trumpour’s Mill Pinot Gris smells of peach (as in the famous dessert Peach Melba) and has a dry wheaty background like Melba toast (as in those crunchy hors d’oeuvre crackers). As it enters the mouth Macintosh and gala apple washes into peach and parties down in a very smooth creamy finish (the French would say onctueux) with a fleeting spiciness no heavier than the shadow it casts . Fruity without being sweet. This is a great 15$ wine that doesn’t have to hide behind qualifiers like cold climate or budding wine region.

I have mentioned two of Grange wines for my Focus on Prince Edward County because the Liquor Control Board of Ontario stocks their products in a good number of outlets. Other PEC producers get bigger press, like Closson Chase and Norm Hardie, but their wines aren’t often seen on the shelves of LCBO outlets I visit. I am a big fan of Closson Chase, and count their 05/06 Pinot Noir Assemblage as one of the better Canadian Reds I have ever tasted. If you live outside the reach of Ontario wine, keep an eye open for it and ask your local merchant if they have access to anything from Prince Edward County.

Musical Match: Opera singer Nellie Melba inspired iconic French Chef Escoffier to name the creamy crepe Peach Melba in her honour. Perhaps less of an accolade, but appropriately enough, this Melba wine has inspired me to enjoy a second glass. I might even warm up some of my gluten free pancakes from this morning to go along for the ride. I love inspiration.

Part 3/3 in the 2010 BottleDJ Fall Classic Focus on Prince Edward County.

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