Grange of Prince Edward Vineyards Trumpour’s Mill Gamay Noir 2008, Prince Edward County, Canada

Gamay Noir is the grape that Beaujolais made famous. I have had a few Ontario produced Gamay Noirs and I always come back to the Grange’s Trumpour’s Mill as the reference. I have tasted three of four previous vintages and found them to have a fullness that would be the envy of any Beaujolais produced wines and a rather different taste range that made comparing wines from the two regions futile. The 2008 starts out pretty much as I remember the previous vintages smelling the same: small berry compote on wooden spoon (begging your pardon, these were in my pre-blogging days, no notes available). Very nice -not Bojo at all. I also remember the wine to be a bit darker in colour (again no notes, but that is my memory) In terms of taste, my first gulp had some tartness that let me down. I came back to the glass 15 minutes later to a wine that had opened up a little. With some tart plum, hints of savoury herb, and graceful finish of strawberry and cherry spray the wine rallied to come close to previous vintages. No Bojo mint or banana. To try to compare it to Beaujolais product you would be looking more at the style natural producers like Lapierre and Breton, however, it is safe to say the ’08 crop of Gamay grapes at the Grange are up to the standard of the aforementioned Gamay deities.


Musical Match: Corduroy by Pearl Jam. Taken from Vitalogy released in 1994– an album that is not usually referred to as vintage PJ, this great song adds some overpowering chorus and refrain to song that otherwise sounds like a mellower PJ tune that bridged the pop culture gap from 80′s power ballad to emo. They revisit the song on the 1998 live disc On Three Legs, where the song comes into its own. And on that note I am looking forward to trying the ’09 and ’10 releases of the Grange’s Gamany Noir.


Part 2/3 in the 2010 BottleDJ Fall Classic Focus on Prince Edward County.

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