Rosehall Run Chardonnay Sur Lie 2009, Prince Edward County, Canada

This wine would make for a great “Stump-the-sommelier” wine. Prince Edward County is just on the Canadian wine radar, so without ruffling too many feathers, Rosehall Run’s Chardonnay Sur Lie 2009 would stump most wine connoisseurs if they were asked where this wine came from on a blindfolded tasting due to it’s obscurity uniqueness. As the name states you get a Chardonnay that gets creamy on the finish due to the “sur lie” barrelling. The taste components would also be difficult to cobble together a sense of provenance because the components are familiar, but in an unfamiliar arrangement. One thing for sure is that this is not California Caramel 2X4 Barrel Chard. On the nose you might think cooler France or New Zealand, the fruit fragrance is tropical/citrus with some faint (and thankfully clean) rubber. In the mouth you have a clean coating feeling and tropical blend of sweetened grapefruit, kiwifruit which gets you thinking NZ. But then comes the creamy ending with a gentle mineral rinse – which might get one thinking about lesser known AOCs back in France floating just outside Chablis or maybe even some foggy valley in Chile.

But alas, it is from Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. A clay loam soiled peninsula along the Saint Lawrence Seaway a little bit closer to Toronto than Montreal. The region is touted by proponents as the next big thing, but for now it is an interesting and inviting collection of small artisan wineries trying to forge an identity. Wines like this might be a start. In fairness, this particular wine gets a wee bit tart when it rolls into your mouth, but as I have said about some decent wines in previous blogs, this makes for another interesting piece of the infinite wine puzzle.

Musical Match: The Soggy Bottom Boys From O Brother Where Art Thou? I am a Man Of Constant Sorrow. Rootsy, satisfying, a little tart with banjo, and layers of creamy warmth as thick as George Clooney’s pomade hair solution from the great movie. Cheers.

Part 1/3 in the 2010 BottleDJ Fall Classic Focus on Prince Edward County.

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