Amayna Pinot Noir 2008, Valle Leyda: Focus On Chile

I have to say I love the idea of a high alcohol Pinot Noir. Of course moderation is important, but when you see 14% alcohol on the label, you have to get primed for a ripe gulp of the red nectar. The Amayna Pinot noir does not disappoint. Ripe fruit, complex structure consisting the essence of that fruit coat your tongue without being obstructed by any obnoxious smoked barrel nuisance.

You can look at this as a slight discovery wine, not that I accusing Amayna of being a small producer, but not many people look to Chile to source high quality Pinot Noirs. This wine is the result of great geography and strong wine making. Speaking of discoveries, Bellini’s Opera Il Puritani seemed to have lost an Aria, until Joan Sutherland’s husband ( I am sure he got used to being known as her husband!) found an original transcript. Enjoy this wonderful performance. Her mature voice, is thick and luscious and would make a perfect pair for the Amayna Pinot Noir.

Leave a comment and me know what wine you would match with this music.

By the way, re-discovery of something that seemed to be lost forever has particular importance to the Chilean wine industry, so stay tuned for the following installments in the BottleDJ Fall Classic Focus on Chile.

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