Yellow Tail Shiraz [2009], Australia

Yellow Tail is pretty much the biggest name in Australian Shiraz. Regardless of the production year you can count on Yellow Tail to bottle billions of bottles of peppery, ripe berry and vanilla flavoured wine that jump into wine consumers shopping carts as if propelled by the kangaroo on its label.

The key to their success is giving people what they want at a price they can afford. And the market dictates that a bulking muscular, purely masculine Shiraz will be the “alpha male” in the tribe. Marketing alcohol often plays on stereotypes, and it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out which bottles are aimed at certain demographics. If you follow that theory you can see you favourite wine store as the cast of the now concluded TV show “Lost.” The show was successful because they relied on easy to spot stereotypes for all the characters of a very large ensemble cast. Instead of confusing viewers with hard to understand character types, they hit us caricatures of people we all know, dropped them off on a Lost island and told a their story.

Your wine store is the same way, wines that people recognize and understand are more likely to fly off the shelves. When you see the kangaroo on this wine, you automatically expect that it is going to be a very Australian styled wine. And Yellow Tail delivers. Their Shiraz diligently checks off all the boxes of what an Australian Shiraz should be. Dark (check) Oaky (Check) Ripe Berry (Check) Vanilla (Check) Peppery Finish (Check). The wine makers at Yellow Tail heard the 25-35 year old wine buyers say “Jump” and they asked “How high?”

So who on Oceanic Airlines 815 does Yellow Tail Shiraz resemble? Sawyer, the irresistible bad guy who inevitably captures the hearts of all damsels while he is just trying to go about his business of being a gun slinging loner. And who was the Sawyer caricature based on? Every bad boy that mamas told their little girls to avoid in every country and western song that has ever been recorded. Check out what appears to be an adventure between Lost’s Sawyer and (murderer and escape artist with a heart of gold) Kate, which is actually a promo video for Country singer Jake Owen’s hit “Tell Me”

Leave a comment and me know what wine you would match with this music.

Jake Owen – Tell Me

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