Chateau de Brau Cuvée Exquise Cabardés 2007, Languedoc, France

2007 was a hot and dry year across Europe, and France was not spared. Winemakers there were rewarded with some hard earned fruit-forward wines that were a feast consumers who revere French blends with a little bit of jam. Organic growers like Chateau de Brau had to be especially resourceful in producing enough wine with limited, yet concentrated, yields. The Cuvée Exquise is a great example of what a blended wines can be. A product of Merlot, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah which are all common in the Languedoc this wine manages harmony and heavyness. Smokey on the nose, silky on the tongue and full bodied on the palate, it is part devil and part angel.


Perfect Pairing: I’ve Seen All Good People by Yes.


Sung by Jon Anderson’s choir boy like falsetto voice, Yes’ “I’ve Seen All Good People” progressive rock classic is powered by swirling synthesizers, thumping hard rock bass, pounding drums and a guitar riff that upon reflection is simply honky-tonk blues. Each one of those parts might sound completely disjointed, but as you listen to the song you are sucked into a dreamland painted by Claude Monet. The harmonies defy gravity, while the rhythm section anchors you to solid ground. The song’s beauty lies in the fact that with so many things going on at once, it could so easily go off the rails – but the musicianship of all the players keeps everything moving forward. The same can be said for this great wine.


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