Masi Tupungato’s Passo Doble Malbec/Corvina, Mendoza, Argentina

Q: What do you get when you cross a huge Venetian Wine based winemaker producing a Ripasso method wine blended with Corvina grapes and historically French Malbec grape in Argentina?

A: Joy.

Cleverly named after a dance that originated in France (like the Malbec grape) that is now mostly associated with the South American Tango style dance, Passo Doble, Masi Tupungato’s Passo Doble Malbec/Corvina blend is a dark and rich natural dance partner for braised beef. Grown in the Mendoza region of Argentina, this wine tastes less fruity than a French Malbec from Cahors, but shows more signs of fruit preserves like jams. Mix this wine with music that has earned it’s stripes by bouncing back and forth from Europe to the Americas with Sarah Vaughn’s version of “Whatever Lola Wants” remixed by France’s Gotan Project. The Gotan Project specializes in blending modern techniques and electronic sounds to Tango music. A perfect match for a wine that waxes beautiful poetic in Esperanto.

Let me know what wine you would match with this music.

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