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Domaine des Carabiniers Rosé 2008, Rhône, France

Has spring sprung in your neck of the woods? Are you getting ready to dust the winter off your bar-b-que and dare I mention set up the patio furniture? Maybe the food you are cooking reflects the warming of the temperature and you are not cooking as many heavy carb foods. Your local wine store has also taken notice of the change in seasons and might be stocking more rosés.   I used to be intimidated by the feminine nature of rosés. I am more likely to wear a lumberjack shirt than a pink shirt Read more [...]

Piemonte: Tasting Notes.

Italian. Wine. Intoxicating. Sexy. All of these words can easily be synonymous – but hardly imitable. Italian winemakers, men for the most part, tend to craft their wines into their ideal mistresses as Gepetto had made Pinocchio into his ideal son. Hence the floral aromas and and the full throttle flavours that often leave you moaning in delight. This is a country that does not make wines that you will make you want to pop Joan Baez into the CD player. Make room on your playlist for classical music Read more [...]
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