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Antolino Brongo Cryomalus Apple Ice Cider 2008, Quebec

The Antolino Brongo Cryomalus is an apple based ice cider. It is made from the juices of autumn harvested apples left to age at air temperature from October to January in the often freezing Quebec winter. That process concentrates the juices as the water evaporates from the air chilled apples – making a concentrated cider that is growing in popularity here in Quebec and elsewhere.   On the nose the smell brings me back to my youth in Quebec's Eastern Townships and the smell of fallen Read more [...]

Cabral Port, Tawny 20 Year Old, Douro Valley, Portugal. 375ml.

I am not a Port connoisseur.  I do enjoy it, but I partake in it so infrequently that I have never bothered learn more about – I just shut up and drink it.  The semi dry Cabral 20 year old Tawny is  a red wine Port, but the colour is a very light orange shade of “clear”  I tried this 20 year old as part of a mini flight of the 10, 20 and 40 year old Cabral Tawnys presented by Marc Beausejour from Les Vins du Réseau International Global.   All three of these Cabral Tawny Ports Read more [...]

Domaine Rousset Peyraguey Sauternes 2002, Bordeaux,France

Sauternes, like Champagne, has a wine making tradition that is coveted, imitated and patentable. In Sauternes like their whites sweet, and have them calibrated perfectly to match with foie-gras and other such delicacies – and it is refreshing to have a sweet wine during the appetizer, not just riding shotgun with dessert. It is worth mentioning that this wine is an organic wine. I picked up a bit of an alcohol smell similar to what you might get with a grappa with some toasted pistachios. Taste Read more [...]

Domaine Jean Bousquet Malbec Dulce Naturel 2008, Tupungato, Argentina

You know you work in an industry that allows you to drink on the job when you end up making a fortified wine a la Porto with Malbec. Well that's just what the folks at Argentina's Domaine Jean Bousquet did. Their 2008 Dulce Natural is a fortified wine, swimming with residual sugars that coat the tongue gracefully. The palate reveals similar tastes as a Porto crossed with Banyuls. The barrels are lightly toasted so the focus is on a sweet caramel syrup blended with beautiful fruit. The caramel effect Read more [...]

Klein Constantia, Vin de Constance, South Africa

Occasionally some bottles of wine defy conventional descriptive terms, this might be on of those: Vin de Constance is a sweet South African wine made form Muscat grapes that was developed in the late sixteen-hundreds. The Klein Constantia website describes the aroma and taste candied orange peel, white peach, nutty finish. I was struck by the perfect balance of sweetness that accentuated the complex palate rather than dominating it. Perhaps it was just my imagination, but I tasted a bit of root flavouring Read more [...]

First Loves, Restraint and Business as Usual

The first cool album I ever bought on my own was Men at Work's 1981 classic Business as Usual. And when you talk about Australia, you can't help but to think of Men at Work right after Crocodile Dundee, High-Octane Wines and Kangaroos. So it is fitting that my first wine and music blog be about Australian wines, none of which had any hint of Vegemite on the nose! So cue up your turn-table and set it 33 or 45 my childhood friends, and let’s talk about some incredible wines. I was recently invited Read more [...]
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