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2011 Kavaklidere Lal Rosé, Turkey

There is something about the 2011 Kavaklidere Lal rosé from Turkey. With all the talk about natural wines, this wine seemed wild. Gracefully wild, but wild none the less. Born of a grape that isn't harvested anywhere but in Turkey, Çalkaras?, this rosé has a colour that reminds me of the flesh wild trout my dad would infrequently catch back when fish swam in the wild. The pink was so vibrant – this rosé brought me way back.   On the Nose: the Kavaklidere Lal rosé leads with fruit, Read more [...]

Maison Coquard Rosé 2011, Beaujolais, France

Not all Beaujolais Gamays are red wine. A small percentage of the Gamay harvest does get turned into rosés. The Maison Coquard Rosé is one of those wines trying to elbow its way onto the shelves a wine store near you. The Maison Coquard is relatively new négotiant based in Beaujolais and have an interesting labeling strategy. Each one of their labels is adorned with an artist's rendition of a house (or maison en français) stylized to represent the character of the wine. From a marketing guy Read more [...]

Zemlia Malbec Rosé 2009, Mendoza, Argentina

The nice thing about the Argentine Malbec Rosés I have been writing about recently is that the typical taste has not yet been defined, and I note perceptible differences from one to another.  So if you have tried one, you can't say you have tried them all.  The Zemlia Malbec Rosé from 2009 starts off with a strawberry, raspberry moves in and so does some good earthy notes. This wine is a bit less sweet than most Malbec Rosés, and those raspberry notes influence the taste palate.  The wine Read more [...]

Melipal Malbec Rosé 2011, Mendoza, Argentina

Melipal has had great success in the United States with their red Malbec by virtue great ratings and great price/quality relationship.  How is the Rosé?  The Melipal Malbec Rosé can best be described as refreshing. The nose seduces with candied fruit featuring strawberry.  And the gulp flows starting with that berry flavour rolling clean and crisp.  The people at Melipal were very interested to explain to me that this wine is elaborated following white wine methods using 100% early harvest Read more [...]

Bodegas El Porvenir Amauta Rosé Malbec – Cabernet Sauvignon, 2011, Cafayate, Argentina

Bodegas El Porvenir's accessible Amauta range presents their expression of Argentine rosé, a blend of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon.  When you think rosé, you think pink.  This wine pours a little darker than most and the colour approaches electric red. That darkness carries into the smell, the wine expresses more darker notes than you are used to from most rosés thanks to the Cabernet Sauvignon I reckon.  It still has a nice strawberry fragrance there as well to make sure you don't feel Read more [...]

Pascual Toso Malbec Rosé, Mendoza, Argentina

Three rituals of spring time: bird migration, figuring out what the hit song of the summer will be, and finally: deciding what wine you can bring to any bar-b-que over the warm months and get universal approval for the great wine and originality.  The 2009 Malbec Rosé by Pascual Toso makes a strong argument for being that wine. First of all, you will turn some heads when you tell people they are drinking a Malbec Rosé.  Malbecs are known world round as the black grape, and are usually paired Read more [...]
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