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Mas Igneus Barranc Del Closos White 2011, Catalonia, Spain

I find wines from off the beaten path intriguing. The Mas Igneus Berranc Del Closis White is a Priorat, which is not by itself off the beaten path – it is the fact that it is a white Priorat. According to the Priorat DOCG website, ( ) only six percent of grape production is for white wine grapes. My feeling is that in terms of export wines, the number is even lower than that six percent. Here in Quebec, our monopoly currently lists 48 Priorats, and only one Read more [...]

Pisano RPF Tannat 2007, Progreso, Uruguay

So your cellar is stocked with wines from Uruguay right? Chances are if you do have a Uruguayan bottle it is from Pisano. A quick and unscientific survey shows they are about the largest producer brand available outside the borders of Uruguay. I actually had two bottles of their wine this weekend along with 2007 Pisano RPF Tannat I also drank a bottle of the RFP Merlot/Tannat. The thoroughbred Tannat bottle came sealed with cork, whereas the blend used a foam cork alternative. As much as I found Read more [...]

2006 Rocca delle Macie Chianti Classico Reserva, Toscana, Italy

I am happy to be presenting the 2006 Rocca delle Macie Chianti Classico Reserva. All too often wines that are available to me, may not be available to every reader that drops by the website. That is a healthy thing in terms of wine diversity, but an obstacle in sharing a common bond with readers. The Rocca delle Macie Chianti Classico Reserva is a wine that is available in many markets and is worth writing about. I have a long standing appreciation for Chiantis. When done right they are a marriage Read more [...]

Maison Coquard Rosé 2011, Beaujolais, France

Not all Beaujolais Gamays are red wine. A small percentage of the Gamay harvest does get turned into rosés. The Maison Coquard Rosé is one of those wines trying to elbow its way onto the shelves a wine store near you. The Maison Coquard is relatively new négotiant based in Beaujolais and have an interesting labeling strategy. Each one of their labels is adorned with an artist's rendition of a house (or maison en français) stylized to represent the character of the wine. From a marketing guy Read more [...]

Jean-Michel Dupré Régnié 2011, Beaujolais, France

Of the 10 recognized Cru of Beaujolais, Régnié is the youngest. The locals call it the Prince, as referring to it's newness, and also it's potential to be King. A certain British royal named Charles can tell you that waiting to become the King requires an incredible amount of patience and thick skin. Thick skin applies well in the case Régnié as a few naysayers question it really deserves a place at the big boy table. The 2011 Jean-Michel Dupré Régnié makes a good case for a seat at the head Read more [...]

Charles Bonvin Petite Arvine Noble Cépage 2011, AOC Valais, Switzerland

Gold Record Alert! The 2011 Charles Bonvin Petite Arvine Noble Cépage is step two in my initiation to Swiss wine. With a name like Bonvin (Good wine) I submit that this wine outshines the humble nature of it's founder's name. If you are as uninitiated as I was about Swiss wine, you will be interested to know that the AOC region of Valais, from where this wine comes from is the mountainous region of which the Rhône river originates... then flows into neighbouring France where the famed Rhône Valley Read more [...]
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