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Trapiche Broquel Cabernet Franc 2009, Mendoza, Argentina

The Trapiche Broaquel Cabernet Franc carries lots of gusto, and manages to keep itself quite smooth.  A difficult balancing act to say the least. Cabernet Franc is known to have great tannic strength, and this example is no exception.   Smelling of red fruit, spice and some green stem the 2009 Broquel Cabernet Franc stays  try to form of typical Cab Francs.  Into the gulp the taste packed a little bit more wood/smoke than did the nose.  Along with the fruit spice and coffee joined Read more [...]

Las Arcas de Tolombón Siete Vacas Malbec 2010, Valles Calchaquíes, Argentina

The 2010 Siete Vacas Malbec by Las Arcas de  Tolombón is a very clean, hip and fun wine.  I know I shouldn't judge the label, but it has great label feature seven cows (siete vacas) and some UFOs.  The serious stuff is kept for the inside of the bottle...   On the nose a violet note is sandwiched between fruit that is delicate, not limp and smoke that is only there in polite amounts.   Into the mouth and you hget the impression this is a very well made wine.  Tasted in Read more [...]

Trapiche Broquel Pinot Noir 2010, Mendoza, Argentina

Somehow Pinot Noir has become a type of a drink more than a variety of grape in the minds of many, I guess it sounds similar to Piña Colada...  Sometimes a Pinot is expected to be some great tonic, an elixir that offers immediate social status.   Back to reality...  Trapiche is a very large winery making wines of value at all price points.  This Pinot Noir comes from the Broquel line, which I can say offers great bang for the buck.  The Trapiche Broquel Pinot Noir has a familiar and Read more [...]

Tapiz Bonarda 2010, Mendoza, Argentina

Alright, here I am on my Bonarda soap box again....  The Tapiz Bonarda makes me think about raspberries.  Not because it smells or particularly tastes like raspberries, but because a good ripe raspberry isn't necessarily sweet, it's deep in flavour.   The nose on this wine does have fruit, mostly blueberry and but the most interesting part of the smell is that the wood smells like toasted bread more than wood.  It has some of that bready smell you get from a Chardonnay once in a while Read more [...]

Tapiz Malbec 2010, Mendoza, Argentina

You don't have to be big and muscular to exude confidence.  The Tapiz Malbec  is a perfect example of that size may not be the only thing that matters in wine.   I think the idea that Mendoza Malbecs are super testostone, muscle shirt wines is giving way to the truth that Malbecs from Mendoza show a wide variety of styles.  This Tapiz Malbec, isn't muscular, but it certainly needs to be considered fit and trim... and maybe a bit buff.   You get parallel sniffs and tastes Read more [...]

Mendel Malbec 2009, Mendoza, Argentina

The Mendel Malbec is like a good kiss, it starts fruity but the most memorable part is the pull away.   Both on the nose and in the gulp, you get smacked with warm, ripe fruit and then the long, lingering dry pull away.   What is quite impressive with the taste of the wine is that it remains a young and drinkable 2009 vintage, but the tannins tell you that this is not a wine-night stand.  The fruits tastes of natural berries, with some green characteristics as well.  Good Read more [...]
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