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Las Arcas de Tolombón Siete Vacas Malbec 2010, Valles Calchaquíes, Argentina

The 2010 Siete Vacas Malbec by Las Arcas de  Tolombón is a very clean, hip and fun wine.  I know I shouldn't judge the label, but it has great label feature seven cows (siete vacas) and some UFOs.  The serious stuff is kept for the inside of the bottle...   On the nose a violet note is sandwiched between fruit that is delicate, not limp and smoke that is only there in polite amounts.   Into the mouth and you hget the impression this is a very well made wine.  Tasted in Read more [...]

Las Arcas de Tolombón Siete Vacas, Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, Valles Calchaquíes, Argentina

The 2010 Siete Vacas Cabernet Sauvignon is another hint that Malbec isn't the only red wine worth your money from Argentina.  The wine shows typical Cabernet Sauvignon descriptors that smell nice and ripe with a classy tobacco leaf envelope. Into the gulp the focus of this wine is on the fruit. The wine isn't particularly complex, but keeps things refreshingly straight forward.  The fruit is round and ripe and the acid is there to keep this wine very drinkable.  The tannins soft as well so Read more [...]

Las Arcas de Tolombón Siete Vacas, Torrontés 2011, Valles Calchaquíes, Argentina

Las Arcase Tolombón is a stone's throw from Cafayaté in Argentina's Salta province, a burgeoning wine area towards the north of Argentina.  The vineyard's geography and climate are indiscernible from that found in Cafayaté as well. The 2011 Siete Vacas Torrontés nose features powder/peachy flowers.  The fragrance is very tame compared to many other Torrontés offerings. In the mouth you get a great sense of what balanced Torrontés should be.  Just the right amount of acid to keep it Read more [...]
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