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Mas Igneus Barranc Del Closos White 2011, Catalonia, Spain

I find wines from off the beaten path intriguing. The Mas Igneus Berranc Del Closis White is a Priorat, which is not by itself off the beaten path – it is the fact that it is a white Priorat. According to the Priorat DOCG website, ( ) only six percent of grape production is for white wine grapes. My feeling is that in terms of export wines, the number is even lower than that six percent. Here in Quebec, our monopoly currently lists 48 Priorats, and only one Read more [...]

Casa de la Ermita, Trio of Reds, Jumilla, Spain

Hailing from a wine region of Spain that may or may not be familiar to casual wine drinkers called Jumilla comes the great winemaking house, Casa de la Ermita. Producing some organic and non organic wines from varieties you may or may not associate more with France than the Iberian kingdom.  I am always interested in displaced grapes, and for the second year in a row I have tasted their wine and really dug them all.  This year three of the Reds have made it to the bottleDJ blog along with a Casa Read more [...]

Casa de la Ermita Viognier, Jumilla Murcia, Spain

Viognier is a wine I associate with France associated classically with the Rhône. This 2009 Case de la Ermita Viognier wafts cooking fruit on top of the classic floral notes that are de rigeur with Viognier. Also the wine appears lighter than my expectation from Rhône original. The wine drank like a wonderful tropical popsicle (without the wooden popsicle stick). It was refreshing, bright without being sharp and sweetened to syruppy. I have been a fan of Casa de la Ermita for over a year and Read more [...]

Bodega Ecologica Ruiz Villanueva 300 Dias Del Sol Tempranillo Vino De La Tierra De Castilla, La Mancha, Spain

Are you a fan of “Natural” wine, products of minimal manipulation that really taste like the grapes got squeezed into your mouth and picked up a few alcoholic points along the way? I am. And the organic Spanish 300 Dias Del Sol Tempranillo has exactly what I like. The wine pours brownish (not like the Chard in Bottle Shock!). And that brown theme continues on the nose with caramel candies, think Werther's Originals toffee which are essentially hard gourmet versions Kraft caramel squares. I Read more [...]

Langa Garnacha Centenaria 2006, DO Calatayud, Spain

Garnacha is the Spanish word for the well known light coloured Grenache. But this bottle was definitely not a typical French Grenache – the Langa Garnacha is a dark, dark wine. I will claim ignorance of Calatayud traditions but I was shocked by that darkness as it poured into my bottle. Maybe all DO Calatayud's are that dark, I'll have to open a few other samples from the region to answer that question. The wine had some wood on the nose and an interesting mix of savoury spices and alcohol. Read more [...]

Conde de Valdemar Reserva 2004, Rioja, Spain

Rioja sounds like Yee-Haw, and I have found a wine that is as much fun as you can have for less than 20$. Luscious dark red, oaky in aroma and a real thumping joy to drink is the Conde de Valdemar Reserva 2004. 90% Trempanillo and 10% Mazuelo, this is wine is a great opportunity to turn non-Rioja believers into devout followers. Cheaper Rioja's tend to be a bit harsh, but by jumping up a price category or two to something like this Reserva is an exercise in appreciation of great value in Spanish Read more [...]
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