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Guy Rochais Château de Plaisance L’Insolent Chaume Sec, Loire, France

Guy Rochais is my kind of wine maker. A barrel-chested moustached, friendly but gruff real-life version of the French cartoon character Asterix's sidekick Obelix. He managed to humbly boast about his wines as he twisted my arm to taste through his entire flight of wines. His spell on me was also helped by the fact that he makes organic and biodynamic wine in the Loire. He grows most of his grapes in the town of Savennières, and by tradition his white grapes are Chenin Blanc. I met him at a trade Read more [...]

Thierry Puzelat & Alessandra Bera, Two Natural Wine Makers.

I had an arranged date with a couple of wine makers at a bar called Philemon in Old Montreal last week. Thierry Puzelat, Loire-based wine maker, took a moment to express how he thinks writing about wine is a little overrated. Art, he claims, is worth discussing, because it is a creation of man, wine just happens so why bother talking about – just drink it. I love how everything is an existential conversation with the French.  I am happy to say we both agreed that wine should be looked upon as Read more [...]

Clos Château Gaillard Touraine-Mesland Red 2008, Loire, France

Cot Noir (better known as Malbec), Cabernet Franc (Ancestor of Cabernet Sauvignon) and Gamay Noir (of Beaujolais fame) get together for a family reunion in the Loire region and make a pretty dynamic trio in Chateau Gaillard Touraine-Mesland Red 2008. The Touraine area is pretty much the only place on planet earth that produces wines with this combo of grapes in any significant quantity. The result is a herbaceous (I dig the minty Gamay notes), cherry, fig flavoured wine; despite it's traditional Read more [...]
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