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Château Philippe-le-Hardi Héloise 2010 Mercurey, Burgundy, France

The Burgundian producer Château Philippe-le-Hardi offers a few variants of Pinot Noir hailing from Mercurey. In general terms Mercurey offers more robust and spicey wines than the vast majority of other Burgundy reds, and the Héloise bottle from Château Philippe-le-Hardi is a great example where that style really shines. I tasted this wine at the Grand Dégustation wine show in Montreal and the winery rep taught me an interesting French phrase for describing firecracker bottles such as these. Read more [...]

Château de Vaurenard Beaujolais Supérieur 2007, 2006, Beaujolais, France

Ghislain de Longevialle is a passionate man when it comes to making cellar worthy wines. His Château de Vaurenard Beaujolais Supérieur wines may come from more the humble AOC Beaujolais, and not a coveted Cru, but they are built to age for up to twenty years. The use of Supérieur on a non Cru wine is a rare approach, but the qualifications for the designation are important parts in giving his wine that longevity. He ages his wine in huge wooden casks for as long as several years to “incubate” Read more [...]

Maison Coquard Rosé 2011, Beaujolais, France

Not all Beaujolais Gamays are red wine. A small percentage of the Gamay harvest does get turned into rosés. The Maison Coquard Rosé is one of those wines trying to elbow its way onto the shelves a wine store near you. The Maison Coquard is relatively new négotiant based in Beaujolais and have an interesting labeling strategy. Each one of their labels is adorned with an artist's rendition of a house (or maison en français) stylized to represent the character of the wine. From a marketing guy Read more [...]

Domaine du Penlois Beaujolais Villages Cuvée Prestige 2009

Corrine and Maxence Besson are two of the warmest hosts you can have when visiting the Beaujolais. Generous with the wines they pour with pride, and more than willing to chit chat about them as well. I first met Corrine at a wine show in Montreal. They were one of the few wineries there who were looking for an agency in Quebec, and since they didn't have any local help with PR, their booth was a little bit quiet. I am always looking to turn over a new stone, so I walked up and got acquainted with Read more [...]

Château de Lavernette Beaujolais-Leynes Le Clos 2011

The Château de Lavernette Beaujolais-Leynes Le Clos is a borderline wine. Not that its qualities are hard to judge good or bad, but the Château de Lavernette and hamlet of Leynes and are located at the northern border of Beaujolais, with Burgundy just on the other side of the fence. (Technically Beaujolais is part of Burgundy, but Beaujolais produces seceded from Beaujolais to form their own inter-professional association) The hamlet of Leynes is also bordering on the Saint-Amour cru in Beaujolais. Read more [...]

Domaine Lassagne Saint-Amour 2007, Beaujolais, France

Domaine Lassagne may in fact be the only French vineyard with a more Italian sounding name than the decidedly better known Domaine Romanee-Conti. I had the pleasure of tasting three Domaine Lassagne Saint-Amour vintages and the 2007 was interesting in terms of gathering a wide bouquet of fruit characteristics. Everybody raves about the 2009/10/11 trio of vintages attracting drinkers to Beaujolais, but I was impressed with the staying power and quality of a good number of 2007s as well – I may keep Read more [...]
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