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2008 Hillinger Small Hill, Burgenland, Austria

Fifty percent Merlot, and twenty-five percent each of Pinot Noir and St. Laurent. I usually don't list blend components, as I think varietals are over discussed – I usually like to give blends diplomatic immunity from such charges. But I want to point out that this blend gets my respect because they dare take conventional wisdom and toss it straight out the window. With all the plantations of the Merlot and Pinot across planet Earth, you have wonder why their juices are so rarely poured into into Read more [...]

Meinklang 2010 Grüner Veltliner, Burgenland, Austria

I recently attended a conference where I had the distinct honour of interacting with a full thirty-three percent of Austria's entire community of biodynamic wine producers. His name was Werner.   Mr. Michlits spoke about his Meinklang winery much like a Ph.D student of antiquities would reel off facts about the relationship of science and theology – and he makes one of the best Grüners I have tried in the last couple of years.   Citrus and floral notes sheepishly nudge the Read more [...]

Stadt Krems Grüner Veltliner 2009, Kremstal, Austria

This is a wine to put on your shopping list for a few reasons.  The 2009 Stadt Krems Grüner Veltliner is a model of balance for fruit/dryness, mineral/acidity, refreshing/satisfying – and as a bonus it is a great alternate to the been there and done that white varietals and regions.  This wine does not walk on water, but it does demonstrate all of the above for 20$ or less. Light in colour, this wine gently wafts Orange Crush soft drink with some very gentle yeast.  The gulp shows a cocktail Read more [...]

Zantho Zweigelt 2008, Burgenland, Austria

Staying in the Burgenland district of Austria, see previous post on Heinrich's Blaufrankish, this 2008 100% Zweigelt by Zantho is a great complementary wine to the former. Not as full as the Heinrich offering, it brings some very pleasant spice to the table. Like the famous apple strudels of Austria, cinnamon is part of the charm of this wine. The colour which is deep dark and inviting doesn't reveal its flavours that quickly – so you can't easily pull out definite fruit components and mull over Read more [...]

Weingut Heinrich Blaufrankisch 2007, Burgenland, Austria

So wines from Germany and Austria are sweet and white right? Wrong. I keep hearing rumblings of fine Pinot Noir from Germany and Austria, particularly in Burgenland, produce great quality dry, open reds with good body. My 2007 Heinrich Blaufrankisch started out with some austere fruit and slightly musty fragrances. In the mouth the wine opened up with plum, apricot, blackberry, green pepper and some pleasant black pepper and mineral on the end. Not smooth and silky, this wine opens up with angles Read more [...]
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