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Two Oceans Shiraz 2009, W.O. Western Cape 375ml

Shiraz... ahhh the darling grape of inexpensive New World red wines.  The 2009 Two Oceans Shiraz doesn't jump out as South African wine, it is a pretty generic Shiraz.   Where the Indian and the Pacific Oceans meat in South Africa's cape area, you get all sorts of micro climates, born from temperate winds and intense sun, rising cliffs, rolling hills and elegant plateaus.  Too bad none of those shape this wine.   On the nose you have raspberry and muted strawberry, which carry Read more [...]

Nederburg Ingenuity Red 2008, Coastal Region, South Africa

I make no bones about it, I tend to like blended wines.  Like single varietals, blends can be good or bad, but I would like to give a good winemaker more options.  So here comes the Nederburg blend, this Coastal Region Red from 2008 modestly labelled Ingenuity. With the scent of spice, some alcohol, wood and red berries I was thinking this wine has potential. The gulp had plenty of backbone, it was smooth and didn't taste boozy like the scent.  Great berry medley as well. The wine had groove, Read more [...]

Le Bonheur Prima Red 2007, Coastal Region, South Africa

Le bonheur means happiness.  The Le Bonheur 2007 Prima red blend embodies that happiness by not getting stressed out.  Winemakers and or weather and geographic conditions will occasionally conspire to deliberately or accidentally stress vines by depriving them of water and forcing them to develop in a certain manner that concentrates flavour.  (This is not a how made wine is mad blog, so know-it-all geeks excuse my simplification!)  This wine, however, is not stressed and the results are great. The Read more [...]

Bellingham Wines, The Bernard Series Old Vine Chenin Blanc 2010, Coastal Region, South Africa

Subtle in fragrance is the 2010 Bellingham Wines Bernard Serires Chenin Blanc.  Culled from 40 year old vines my glass offered a tease of apple and pineapple scent.  The gulp showed lush pinepple, citrusy lime, some hay and honey.  Also a sophisticated dusting of chalk garnished those flavours like icing sugar on nice dessert.  The flavour components are varied, but the wine does not seem scattered, merely wonderfully balanced and a delight to drink. I had a discussion with the winemaker, Read more [...]

De Morgenzon Chenin Blanc, 2007 & 2010, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Stellenbosch might be the one wine region in South Africa that casual wine drinkers can mention with little to no prompting.  When you are the Napa/Bordeaux/Tuscany of your county, you best be able to produce great wines in sufficient quantity to fuel the supply and demand wheel.  Outsiders are looking in to see what wines you make in your local style that are worthy of cellaring as one measuring stick. The De Morgenzon Chenin Blanc fits both of those criterion, top quality and ageing potential.  Read more [...]

Morgenster Red 2001 2003 & 2005 Flight, Western Cape, South Africa

The Morgenster Red 2001 is an ageing rock band who refuses to grow up.  Still lots of banging, thumping soaring high notes.  Ten years after, from the grapevine, the cellar and into my tasting glass this bottle wafts notes of cassis and light leather.  The gulp features that cassis range of fruits with some black pepper and a GREAT mouthfeel. The flavours come together seemlessly, like a tight veteran band who have spent years getting their chops down on the road – to the point where you forget Read more [...]
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