2011 Charles Smith Wines Kung Fu Girl Riesling Washington State

Washington State makes a wide range of Styles of Riesling. Degrees of residual sugar seem to be the factor that most easily defines that range of style. The 2011Charles Smith Wines Kung Fu Girl Riesling falls a bit towards the sweet side of the middle.

Oddly enough: The Asian Imagery on the label made this wine a natural fit for my Chinese New Year meal. But of course wine drinkers are never swayed by a label…


Nose: Lime and apple in equal and strong proportion.


Gulp:Two phases: apple quickly at first then citrus and acid rushes back with an undertow stronger than the first wave. This is a wine you really will want to, in fact need to, swish around your mouth. Don’t be afraid to make it sound like you are enjoying it!


From what I gather Charles Smith Wines is a range that is made for immediate consumption and more importantly instant gratification. The Charles Smith Wines Kung Fu Girl exceeds expectations on both counts. And at only 11% alcohol you won’t get loaded on the stuff.


Musical Match: Hot Stuff by Donna Summer. The Charles Smith Wines Kung Fu Girl is groovy, big, real and a little bit sweet without ever losing any bight. This song is a song to savour, the disco beat is a bit slow (for Disco) and the song is played by real musicians and instruments, no auto tune or beat correcting software, not that it is needed because Donna and her band are on fire. Instant gratification doesn’t have to be junk. Good Stuff.

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