2011 Kavaklidere Lal Rosé, Turkey

There is something about the 2011 Kavaklidere Lal rosé from Turkey. With all the talk about natural wines, this wine seemed wild. Gracefully wild, but wild none the less. Born of a grape that isn’t harvested anywhere but in Turkey, Çalkaras?, this rosé has a colour that reminds me of the flesh wild trout my dad would infrequently catch back when fish swam in the wild. The pink was so vibrant – this rosé brought me way back.


On the Nose: the Kavaklidere Lal rosé leads with fruit, wild versions of strawberry and peach with some nutty accent.


On the Gulp: Smooth feeling ripe strawberry and pepper.


I can not speak to how typical this wine is in terms of varietal and location, but I can say this wine really gives you a feeling of getting something indigenous, something real and alas, very good.


Musical Match: The Turkish Song of the Damned by one of my favourite bands, the Pogues. A band that was known for fusing Pop, Punk and Irishfolk music, switched out the Irish for Turkish. The 2011 Kavaklidere Lal Rosé, Turkeyis familiar enough to international palates, but original enough to get noticed.



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