Domaine Lassagne Saint-Amour 2007, Beaujolais, France

Domaine Lassagne may in fact be the only French vineyard with a more Italian sounding name than the decidedly better known Domaine Romanee-Conti. I had the pleasure of tasting three Domaine Lassagne Saint-Amour vintages and the 2007 was interesting in terms of gathering a wide bouquet of fruit characteristics. Everybody raves about the 2009/10/11 trio of vintages attracting drinkers to Beaujolais, but I was impressed with the staying power and quality of a good number of 2007s as well – I may keep a keen eye out for something from that vintage next time I am perusing a wine list.


On the Nose: The 2007 Domaine Lassagne Saint-Amour aged gracefully with some peach notes sandwiched between the expected red fruit and floral components. The Gulp: Round, cassis, big blueberry and some spice. Substantially less tannin than the 2011. The obvious star of the flavour spectrum was the blueberry, but the almost bitter sweet of the cassis and spice notes were great performers in supporting roles.


Musical Match: Is it old or is it new? You may ask yourself that question if you were told this was St.-Amour, without being told from what year. Back in the 1990s a band called the Propeller Heads made a small name for themselves by making music that seemed to arrive in a time capsule from the early days of James Bond. Their sound was big and strong, an interesting mix of modern and vintage. Good stuff, just like the wine.


Special thanks to Inter Beaujolais for providing all transportation, hotels, meals and access to the wonderful wine and winemakers of the Beaujolais wine region of France during a four day tour. The wine discussed in this blog entry was tasted during that promotional tour.

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