Philippe Varone Petite Arvine, Sion, Valais, Switzerland

I am happy to present a second wine and music match for a Petite Arvine in my Swiss initiation. This one was a music match that came spontaneously, and the wine is very enjoyable. I hope you enjoy the music as well!


One theme I picked up from trying about a dozen Petite Arvine offerings is deep round flavour and wispy floral fruity notes. I usually describe the wine then present a musical match, but let me get you in the mood with the music an let you read on about this Philippe Varone offering…


Musical Match: One of my favourite LPs of all time is a bootleg of Nina Simone concert recorded in Paris France. Sadly I can’t post that audio, but here is a very close proximity: Nina Simone in Antibes, a French concert festival in the late sixties. This is her covering a Bee Gees classic “To Love Somebody.” Her voice and bluesy arrangement featuring the low range of the piano represent the deep, wide nature of the wine – and the lyrics and the tickling of treble keys on the keyboard are the flowery side. The beauty of the song lives in the space framed by those book ends, and the Philippe Varone Petite Arvine carries the same sensations. Her voice had depth, but shows complex fruit, some acid and even has a salty edge (especially in Mississippi God-damn). Enjoy.

Nose, I usually disregard wine maker notes on smell and taste as they are usually written by marketing types who try to tell you what the wine should be, not what they really are. The notes on this wine included rhubarb jam, which was darn accurate as one of the components that mixed things up with the citrus and tropical notes that are the signature scents of this grape variety.


In the gulp, this wine showed signs of being a very noble version of what I call a farmer’s wine. Generous amounts of citrus and tropical fruits, good acid without being Swiss Army knife sharp. Just elegant enough not to hide the natural aspects of the grape juice in this attractive Petite Arvine.


Good Stuff.

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