Doral Cave de la Côte – Uvavins, Vaud, La Côte AOC, Switzerland

Doral, is a hybrid grape developed as a cross between two Swiss standard white wine grapes Chardonnay and Chasselas. I was happy to have answered an honest “no” when the rep from Cave de la Côte – Uvavins asked me if I was familiar with with Doral. She offered a brief history of the grape and which concluded that the climate and geogrpaphy at her vineyard were well aligned with the needs of this newish grape. She assured me that I was not the only person out there to not know about it.


So is it worth discovering? I think so. I reckon a number of cold weather climate areas could grow this hardy grape. This example of Doral piqued my interest, a nice blend of floral and spice defined the sniff– very inviting.


The gulp was equally successful. The floral side stayed, the spice gave way to generous acid that worked with with the residual sugars. Worthy of note, this hybrid’s uncle Chardonnay was there to keep this wine grounded with weight and depth. I liked it, Good Stuff.


Musical Match: The Cave de la Côte – Uvavins Doral is sweet with depth, and I would to think that this wine is embodied by operatic character Manon Lescaut, from Manon by Jules Massenet. The pretty bits are what you notice first, but the depth keeps you interested. Enjoy.

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