Mendoza Midrange Values: Trapiche Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve & Luigi Bosca Gala 2

Luigi Bosca Gala 2, Mendoza Argentina 2009


Trapiche Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, Mendoza, Argentina 2011


Virtually every wine region on the globe produces a range of qualities and styles of wine, but as wine consumers, we often tend to collectively label certain regions in narrow terms. Where I live, in the Province of Quebec our liquor monopoly (SAQ) stocks rows of entry level wines Mendoza, Argentina that all taste pretty much the same. And some of those wines certainly turn over their inventories very quickly as they tend to be decent value at a low cost. Having visited Mendoza last year (thanks Wines of Argentina) I know that the region does so much more than cheap malbecs. So I jumped at the opportunity to pick up a 27$ bottle of the ’09 Gala 2 red blend by Luigi Bosca. A quality level for an Argentine wine that doesn’t often make it onto the shelves of the SAQ. I also calibrated my Mendoza taste buds with a familiar 2011 Trapiche Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, which sells at 14$, half the price of the Bosca, yet a cut higher than the 9$ or 11$ entry level offerings.


2009 Luigi Bosca Gala 2:


Nose: More about power than elegance here, I found beyond the raspberry scent too much booze was hanging around which is too bad, as some rose flower was hiding in there. Gulp: Things got off to a better start than on the nose: elegance came into play and shared the stage with the power. The wine occupied ample real estate in the mouth. No single taste aspect dominated, but field berries got along smashingly with wood that was more twig than log. Some thyme also worked it’s way into the mix. This bottle worked with red meat and also served as a fine glass to drink away from the context of a meal. As for the elegance, it shows particularly in the valour and decorum of having finish punctuated by crisp tannins. Lots of hints that this wine is a candidate for ageing: despite being a big wine, the scents have not developed, strong tannins, less defined taste components.


Musical Match: Jeff Buckley, an artist that many wish would have survived was lost before his time. This song Grace is big and a great complement to his very elegant and well known cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Luckily I can put another bottle of Luigi Bosca Gala 2 in my cellar and see how it develops. The wine is very good now, and I think it will only get better.


Trapiche 2011Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve:


Nose: Cherry and wood carried the day. Gulp: Strong tannins, cherry, sweet prune and more wood. The wine really made a great dinner companion with a tasty bar-b-qued roast beef and fire roasted red peppers, but was pretty heavy without a juicy slab of rare meat to prop it up. If you are going to open this one up, make sure you have enough mouths to feed red meat to, as this is not ideal with roasted marshmallows, trust me.


Musical Match: John Williams is famous for his Hollywood movie scores written in the classical style from Star Wars and Superman and countless others. He is great at what he does. His compositions are emotionally charged, symphonically grand and even have his biggest fans comparing him to classical heavy weights. I really enjoy his movie scores, but they do need the movie to really move me. Like the wine needs the blood red beef, I frankly get more out of a Williams score when I am the theatre as opposed to sitting in front of my stereo. Truly enjoyable nonetheless.

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