Loron & Fils Château de Bellevue 2009 Morgon, Beaujolais, Burgundy, France

More Morgon! At a decent age of three years old, this wine is not a “Nouveau-Beaujolais” but I will say that I hope you will try this wine and agree that it might represent the New Beaujolais.


Nose: The 2009 Château de Bellevue Morgon from iconic négociants Loron & Fils is unadultered Cherry/wood. Simple yes, but simple like the pleasure of breakfast in bed. Yves Thetard from Loron explained to me that their preferred barrel maker uses a very special process for making his barrels, he boils the the wood in water before he toasts them. I am not a chemist, so skipping the science altogether, the end result are scents that resemble a freshly baked French Brioche more than a torched wine barrel. Ooh la la.


Into the Gulp and beyond the appetizing Brioche breakfast-in-bed treat, the buffet of flavours opens up. Spice, cherries and berries embody a strong feminine physique.


Musical Match: Rock and Roll Hall of famer Darlene Love might not have known she was laying some of the first bricks in the wall of feminism with her “Today I met the Boy I’m Going To Marry.” But she did. She forwarded the idea that women had a right to self determination, and that although she was spelling out R-E-S-P-E-C-T, she certainly paved the way. This simple little song has a rich, round sound, filled with feminine strength that can’t be denied. She proved her staying power with her 2011 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This 2009 Loron & Fils Château de Bellevue Morgon might do the same for folks that think Beaujolais doesn’t last either. Cheers.

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