What is Your Fantasy Canadian Wine?

Brave winemakers have been plying there vocation in vineyards large and (mostly) small in a number of Canadian provinces for quite a while. Only in the last two or three decades has the commercial aspect of the industry started to gain steam. Right now a private members bill being considered in Ottawa would allow much greater shipping from winemakers in Canada to consumers in other provinces.  It got me to thinking, what new opportunities and products will the industry respond with?  Please call your local MP and demand they support Bill C311.


In a rebuttal to a comment on my last post, I mused that BC wine makers could band together to market a regional blend called Ruffled Feathers, and use their collective efforts to conquer the world. If they play their cards right, it could happen – and in that perfect scenario I could #wineandmusic match it with Trooper’s Raise A Little Hell.  A number of obstacles would need to be overcome, but as seminal Quebecois philosopher Elvis Gratton often preached, “Think Big, ‘sti!” Bringing down interprovincial firewalls would be a great start.


My wine Canadian fairy tale (beaver tale) would actually be the following. A blend of Cabernet Franc and Gamay from Ontario’s Prince Edward County. Lots of people (heart) the potential for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the seaway peninsula, but I fear those two wines are up against stiff competition that enjoy a myriad of financial advantages and economies of scale over tiny PEC. I privately (not any more!) fear that the real potential for 40$ PEC Chards and Pinots is to muster up the wherewithal to compete with 32$ Chards and Pinots coming from equally good geographies, with more mature wine industries exploiting established and saturated marketing channels.


The Grange winery in PEC is already bringing great Gamays and Cabernet Francs to market at 15$ and 18$ a bottle. I personally can’t get enough of blends from Touraine in the French Loire that feature those blends.


So let’s be positive here, what’s your Fantasy Canadian Wine? Remember “Think Big, ‘sti!”


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