Domaine C. et D. Derain St. Aubin Blanc, 1er Cru en Remilly, 2010, Bourgogne, France

First note I took on this wine: WOW. The premiere Cru St. Aubin Blanc by Dominique et Catherine Derain is a pricey wine, selling for sixty-four bones in Quebec – and only sold by the case of six. It got me thinking about why we usually pay more for Reds than Whites? That is a bigger question for a different blog, or series of blogs even. I can say that at 64$ it is still a very solid value if you have a few extra dollars in your pocket.


Prepared with biodynamic methods the nose was both gentle and direct, it smelled of fresh flowers on the table with a fresh roasted pork being carved in front of you. Into the gulp less was more. Crisp and clean florals, garnished with essence of nectarine and berries. And then the wonderful rolling mouthfeel you could imagine swirls about. If only the chemical engineers at the mouthwash company could replicate this taste, because I was so convinced that this wine was cleansing my mouth, it was so pure and true. For every bit that bad wine leaves a “dirty” feeling in your mouth, a gulp of the Derain 1er Cru St. Aubin White could absolve any cheap wine sins of omission or commision faster than a Hail Mary. Will it fix any coveting of thy neighbour’s wife?– the next time her hubby is out golfing, bring a bottle over and ask her what she thinks!


Musical Match: I am a proponent of finding value in lower priced wines and rarely look to pricier bottles, but this is an exception. With it’s tall price tag I thought it might be fun to compare the wine to the mature neighbour character Mrs. Robinson, from the seminal film the Graduate. Only Mr. Simon’s wizardry can make adultery seem so nice. If we can agree to confuse maturity for price, we can enjoy some Simon and Garfunkel as well.  Cheers!

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