Raisins Gaulois 2010, Marcel Lapierre, Burgundy, France

The 2010 Raisins Gaulois 2010 from Lapierre Bojo can be equated to having sex…  …for the second time.  My first Lapierre wine was the ’09 Raisins Gaulois and goes down (no double entendre intednd) in the books as losing my cherry.  The second coming (sorry) isn’t an exciting quickie wine like previous vintage, it is lasts longer in the mouth (sorry again) and doesn’t make you want to empty your bottle as quickly as humanly possible.  On some level, it may be technically better, but frankly not as… memorable.

On the nose this version retains the scent of a grape crushing apparatus with some nice herbal notes, thyme and maybe even some lavender if you sniff hard enough.  It also gains some alcohol, where it really smelled like crushed grapes in the ’09.

Into the gulp it absolutely washes with freshness, these glorious gamay noir juices makes you want to clean the grape skins off your teeth it is so genuine.  The flavour is intense, bigger perhaps than the ’09. Cherry, blackberry, blueberry.  If I had to look for something wrong with the wine, I would say that it doesn’t finish with as much finesse as most top notch Beaujolaise bottles – you have to choke back the last bit of the gulp, as opposed to letting the silky texture pirouette down the wine drain at the back of your mouth. 

All in all, given the fact that I “got lucky” and hooked up with a case of the ’09 and I will remember it for the conquest it was. The great quality of the 2010 Raising Gaulois vin de France by Lapierre means something more.  It may be destined to become a forgotten detail, but more significantly, a forgotten detail in the beginning of a long and meaningful relationship built on more than getting lucky. Merci Marcel. Merci Mathieu.

Musical Match: Pop/Rock band Maroon 5 had a smash commercial success with “She Will Be Loved,” it was massively popular on radio stations around the world, and caused quite a bit of love at first sight.  They followed success with perhaps a lesser hit, but a hit that helped them establish who they are as a band.  That song was “Makes Me Wonder.” The sound was bigger, just like the wine – and not as smooth either.  Maroon 5 have continued to carve a great career out following the sound of the second hit.  They could have tried to sound like a hit they had in past, but they chose the honest route of being themselves – and are now reaping the benefits.  Good stuff.

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