2010 Nicolas Potel, Vieilles Vignes Pinot Noir, Bourgogne, France

The 2010 Nicolas Potel Vieille Vignes Pinot Noir is a youthful splash of enjoyably subtle wine that puts the accent on freshness. As I poured it into my glass, my eyes were surprised to see how light wine was, given the trend of spoofing darkness when your grapes don’t give it to you. The scent also was muted, nothing more than some whispered field berries. I tend to get excited about wines that reveal multiple layers of character one sensation at a time. So far this wine was not giving me much to froth my taste buds.


Into the gulp I was pleasantly surprised. Layers of mystical fruits, herbs and mineral did not peel back and slowly bowl me over. The surprise was how enjoyable a Pinot could be even though it’s depth never made it beyond a thin membrane of perfect and pure freshness. The mouthfeel was so delicate, that it glided about, without so much as disturbing the inside of your mouth. The taste descriptors are almost irrelevant as this wine is all about the freshness. I enjoyed this with some pork and veal Swedish Meatballs. Good Stuff.


Musical Match: Australian Singer/Songwriter Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know,” is a song that didn’t quite catch my attention right away. The arrangement isn’t particularly layered, and the Manu Chao-ish feel repelled me. But the Fresh sound that voice won me over, despite my initial misgivings. Enjoy.

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